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So many to thank for a great time at CSUN 2012

On the plane home and can’t stop thinking about what a great time I had this year at the CSUN conference. Giving thanks to those who were generous enough to spend time with me would be far too long for a 140 character tweet, or even a series of tweets.

In no particular order:

  • Mike Paciello
  • Olivier Nourry
  • Lisa Herrod
  • Robert Sinclair
  • Steve Faulkner
  • John Foliot
  • Jared Smith
  • Denis Boudreay
  • Barry Johnson
  • Shawn Henry
  • Jonathan Hassell
  • John Croston
  • Jimmy Chandler
  • Pratik Patel
  • Mark Sadecki
  • Derek Featherstone
  • Glenda Sims
  • Mike Guill
  • Dylan Barrell
  • Joe Dolson
  • Ryan Benson
  • Arthur Rigaud
  • Samuel Sirois
  • Cindy Li
  • Kathy Wahlbin
  • Whitney Quesenberry
  • Tema Boskin
  • Leonie Watson
  • Wendy Chisholm
  • Stephani Roberts
  • Christopher Phillips
  • Elle Waters

If I’ve forgotten anyone, please excuse my feeble memory.

I really wish we could do this more often. So many great minds, so willing to share.

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