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Category Archives: Accessibility Testing

Tracking Web Accessibility Success

I’ve previously talked about Prioritization and even given presentations on the topic, which I quite enjoy. Prioritization is a topic which I enjoy thinking about because I like to think about ways to get the most benefit from accessibility efforts in the shortest possible time. For me, the end goal is always a more accessible […]

Choosing an Automated Accessibility Testing Tool: 13 Questions you should ask

I gave a presentation on this topic at this year’s CSUN Conference on Disabilities. Due to the popularity of that session, I figured I’d share the salient points in a blog post. The below information is mostly relevant for organizations who are in the market for an enterprise level accessibility testing tool along the lines […]

Understanding WCAG Level

With the upcoming eventual issuance of a Final Rule for Section 508 Refresh and deadlines for compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), as well as increasing rate of Web Accessibility-related lawsuits, I’ve become increasingly aware of people’s frequent misunderstanding of the purpose of what the term ‘Level’ represents in the Web […]

Tutorial: Replacing Cynthia Says in the Web Developer Toolbar

On May 10, 2013, HiSoftware issued a press release: HiSoftware Gives the Cynthia Says Web Accessibility Testing Tool a Makeover . Eager to find out more about this new version, I eagerly went to the site to check it out. This is what I saw: Who puts a CAPTCHA on an Accessibility Testing Tool? CAPTCHA’s […]

My Presentation Schedule at CSUN 2013 Conference

We’re just a little under a month away from the biggest conference in ICT accessibility, affectionately known as CSUN, but officially titled ” International Conference on Assistive Technology and Persons with Disabilities”, so I figured I’d put up a list of my sessions. As is the case with all conferences, exact times & locations are […]

The MotherEffingToolConfuser

Many academic papers dealing with web accessibility make use of automated tools as part of their research. For instance, one recently published paper did a comparative analysis of the Forbes 250. Unfortunately, the tool in use did not test the DOM of the pages it analyzed.  On one hand, you can say that at least […]

A Challenge to Accessibility Testing Tool Vendors

In my 10 year career doing usability & accessibility, I’ve used tools all the way back to Bobby back before CAST sold it to Watchfire. I’ve used all the big expensive tools, all the free tools and toolbars. In fact, it was once my job to know what each tool could and could not do. […]

Web Accessibility Testing: What Can be Tested and How

The Short Version Read this if you’re disinclined to read the entire list of specific WCAG Success Criterion and look at how each can be tested. If someone was to ask me what I consider to be my biggest strengths when it comes to accessibility, I’d say it is in testing. I’ve been involved in […]

Efficiency in Accessibility Testing or, Why Usability Testing Should be Last

Accessibility testing is the testing of a system to determine how the system will perform when accessed by persons with disabilities. Testing of all ICT products and services is important to determining what issues exist and what risk any accessibility issues create for the organization. In my experience, the majority of testing efforts are undertaken […]

Web Accessibility Testing: Do Automatic Testing First

Ask any ten accessibility people how they test for accessibility and you’re bound to get a different answer from each one . Some people test with JAWS or other assistive technologies and, if they can use the site, they “pass” it. Some people subject the site to a series of ad hoc tests for things […]