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My Challenge to the Accessibility Community: We Need an Accessibility Body of Knowledge

In my post "Barriers to Improving the Accessibility Game Plan", one of the things I said was: There is a shocking lack of independent and open knowledge out there on accessibility. If we were to assemble a full compendium of information that exists on accessibility on the web, what we’d find is that the information […]

Get a Free Section 508 Waiver Here!

Download your Section 508 Waiver Download Your Free Section 508 Waiver Now! (PDF) OK, seriously now, where can you get a Section 508 Waiver? Information in the rest of this post is subject to change when the new revised Section 508 comes out sometime later this year or early next whenever the Access Board gets […]

Why a Third Party Should Prepare Your VPAT/GPAT

Introduction The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or VPAT, was created by the Information Technology Industry Council as a means for vendors to supply information to government agencies regarding the level of compliance with the Technical, Functional Performance, and Documentation & Support requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. This documentation format can help procuring […]

Barriers to Improving the Web Accessibility Game Plan

This past March, Jared Smith moderated a session at CSUN titled "Do We Need To Change the Web Accessibility Game Plan". The discussion at and after the session was filled with interesting perspectives. The diversity of viewpoints demonstrates what a complex topic this really is. I’d like to take my stab at addressing this topic, […]

Prioritizing Remediation of Web Accessibility Issues

During my career, I’ve performed scores of audits and expert reviews to look at the accessibility of web-based systems (websites, web-based applications, intranets, etc.). Of those, I can count on one hand the number of systems tested that were pre-production. In nearly all cases, the testing was performed on systems that were already released to […]

Chasing the Web Accessibility Business Case – Part 1

During my 8+ years working in web usability and accessibility, I’ve frequently been party to or witnessed numerous conversations relating to the “business case” or “cost justification” of usability and accessibility efforts. In my opinion, the conversations usually don’t go well – particularly on the side of the usability/ accessibility advocate. Here’s how they usually […]

In Defense of “Checklist” Accessibility

Frequently on mailinglists, blog posts, and Twitter, I read about accessibility advocates decrying the sins of what they call “Checklist” accessibility. What the arguments attempt to assert is, essentially, that “Checklist” accessibility is not good enough, either because the checklists themselves are flawed or that the checklist takes the disabled user out of the equation […]

Longdesc Misuse: How Prevalent?

As far back as August 2008, I’ve been aware of Ian Hickson’s fallacious arguments that elements and attributes of HTML4 should not be included in HTML5 merely because web authors misuse them. In the case of the longdesc attribute for img, similar arguments go back even farther. My feeling on such an approach has been […]

Data-driven Web Accessibility Information Using AQUA

Note: This is a pretty old post. Look for updated information posted soon over at Tenon.io   In 2003, I began work on a web-based application called SiteQuality. It was intended to be a tool I could use to sell people website redesigns or usability work. At around the same time, I began work on […]

Managing Web Accessibility Compliance in the Enterprise

In the 2nd week of March, 2011 I spoke at The 26th Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference, more affectionately known as “CSUN”.  The topic of my presentation was Managing Web Accessibility Compliance in the Enterprise. My presentation discussed the following topics: Defining the problem Solving the Problem Gauging Organizational Maturity Managing Compliance […]