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Confusion over HTML5 & WAI-ARIA

Recently, Everett Zufelt posted an excellent blog post titled: Are You Confused by HTML5 and WAI-ARIA Yet?. In his post, Everett outlines a number of areas in which the evolving HTML5 specification and the WAI-ARIA specification conflict with one another in ways which can cause confusion among web developers. This is especially problematic, in my […]

Accessible Form Labeling & Instructions

When I do an audit of a web-based system against WCAG, I subject each test unit to both automated & manual tests against nearly 250 Best Practices. Of those, 40 of them relate directly to forms. The #1 way which users interact with web-based systems is through the use of forms. Some sites, such as […]

Longdesc Misuse: How Prevalent?

As far back as August 2008, I’ve been aware of Ian Hickson’s fallacious arguments that elements and attributes of HTML4 should not be included in HTML5 merely because web authors misuse them. In the case of the longdesc attribute for img, similar arguments go back even farther. My feeling on such an approach has been […]