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Conference talks are not sales pitches – a preemptive rant

It is less than a week before the Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, affectionately known as “CSUN” (as in, “see sun”) after the California State University, Northridge whose Center on Disabilities hosts the conference. I’ve taken this week as vacation and my talk still isn’t prepared. This is probably the least prepared […]

Sue Everyone

I hate this post. I hate the title of it. I hate what it implies. Even more, I hate how right it is. This will be the 124th posting on this blog. Although my posts and social media postings are rather strongly worded, I think I’ve also been clear that I don’t like selling accessibility […]

Measuring the harm of flawed academic papers

For several years I’ve been interested in finding and reading academic work in the field of web accessibility. I have a very strong belief┬áthat the things we say regarding web accessibility must be based on a significant amount of rigor and I hold in higher esteem those who base their statements on fact rather than […]

How dare you try to infiltrate our special club?

It first happened when I was in junior high. In elementary school, everyone was friends with everyone else. White kids, black kids, asian kids, boys and girls all seemed to get along. Then, in junior high, for some reason people started segmenting. The black kids and asians sat all together in their own sections of […]

Let’s put down the pitchforks and get some perspective

Earlier this week, I began working on a new series of blog posts titled ‘Selling Accessibility’. Those who know me or have read my previous posts or have seen me speak know I’m very much in favor of taking a pragmatic approach to accessibility. More specifically, I mean that we must understand that there’s a […]

Efficiency in Accessibility Testing or, Why Usability Testing Should be Last

Accessibility testing is the testing of a system to determine how the system will perform when accessed by persons with disabilities. Testing of all ICT products and services is important to determining what issues exist and what risk any accessibility issues create for the organization. In my experience, the majority of testing efforts are undertaken […]

What does it take to call yourself an accessibility expert?

Yesterday, February 28, 2012, the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) hosted an event titled Taking Accessibility Mainstream: Making the Case for an International Society of Accessibility Professionals as an all-day pre-conference session as part of CSUN. The context for this event is as follows: This forum is intended to bring focus to the needs of […]

Web Accessibility Testing: Do Automatic Testing First

Ask any ten accessibility people how they test for accessibility and you’re bound to get a different answer from each one . Some people test with JAWS or other assistive technologies and, if they can use the site, they “pass” it. Some people subject the site to a series of ad hoc tests for things […]

Chasing the Accessibility Business Case – Conclusion

Somewhere toward the middle of this series, someone tweeted a message to me saying “I’m having a hard time telling exactly what it is you do believe”. It will be this post, the conclusion, where I finally outline what I believe regarding the Business Case for Accessibility. Background In Chasing the Accessibility Business Case – […]

My first fitness post: Suck it up, there are no quick fixes

Recently, I was reading ‘r/fitness’ on Reddit when I came upon a thread on GOMAD, a get-big-quick scheme where you drink a gallon of milk a day to gain weight. The gallon of organic whole milk in my refrigerator has 16 servings at 147 calories per serving. There are 45 calories from fat per serving. […]