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Five Lessons Learned from the IEP Process

May was a really┬ábig month for the Groves family. We got our county school system to agree to place our daughter in a non-public school to address her unique educational needs. She’s never been happier and more enthusiastic about school, which I largely attribute to a combination of better atmosphere and finally feeling like she […]

Announcing the Viking & the Lumberjack

At CSUN 2014, Billy Gregory and I gave a presentation titled No Beard Required. Mobile Testing With the Viking & the Lumberjack. The presentation was an absolute disaster. Our approach to the presentation was to “wing it”, showing how to test with various mobile technologies. Thing is, none of the mobile technologies actually cooperated with […]

Woodshop tour

I posted this to Facebook but wanted to share on my site, too. This is where I spend my weekends when it is cold outside: Note: alt attribute on each image is blank. Visible text under the image describes the image. Looking into the entrance-way. Drill press and lathe straight ahead. Chalkboard paint along the […]

Taking Accessibility to the Mainstream

For years I’ve been saying that accessibility people need to branch out to the mainstream. Preaching to the converted doesn’t really help much when it comes to increasing mainstream adoption of accessibility as a way of thinking. Developers typically don’t have any depth of understanding when it comes to accessibility. Developers need to know … […]

Take this job & shove it. I’ve retired from Accessibility Consulting

Happy April Fools Day everyone. Congrats to those who figured it out early. This post was just a joke. “I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he had imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected […]

What does it take to call yourself an accessibility expert?

Yesterday, February 28, 2012, the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) hosted an event titled Taking Accessibility Mainstream: Making the Case for an International Society of Accessibility Professionals as an all-day pre-conference session as part of CSUN. The context for this event is as follows: This forum is intended to bring focus to the needs of […]

My first fitness post: Suck it up, there are no quick fixes

Recently, I was reading ‘r/fitness’ on Reddit when I came upon a thread on GOMAD, a get-big-quick scheme where you drink a gallon of milk a day to gain weight. The gallon of organic whole milk in my refrigerator has 16 servings at 147 calories per serving. There are 45 calories from fat per serving. […]

You are the master of your own destiny

This news story lays it all out there about what the “Occupy Wall Street” thing is all about. I don’t want to get too political here. My politics are my business and this is not a political blog. What is clear regardless of political affiliation is that our economy is a wreck right now. As […]

“Weird” people need to stop whining

This is me. A slight contrast, you may find, from the picture on my resume. I became a fan of punk rock music when I was 12 years old. Using the hand-me-down stereo given to me by my sister one day during the summer of 1984, I stumbled upon Towson University’s 89.7 FM radio station. […]

You’re Known By The Company You Keep

I am thinking of doing a “podcast” (more like a redundant audio version of my text posts). Download this one and tell me if this is a good or bad idea. When I recollect that at 14 years of age the whole care and direction of myself was thrown on my self entirely, without a […]