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5 talks in 6 days in 3 countries starting this Saturday

Holy cow. I can’t believe it. Tomorrow I start a trip that has been several weeks in the making. Now that it is around the corner I’m both excited and anxious! Even more, I’m truly humbled that such a trip is even possible. Each of these events are open to the public. If you’re in […]

My Presentation Schedule at CSUN 2013 Conference

We’re just a little under a month away from the biggest conference in ICT accessibility, affectionately known as CSUN, but officially titled ” International Conference on Assistive Technology and Persons with Disabilities”, so I figured I’d put up a list of my sessions. As is the case with all conferences, exact times & locations are […]

Links to Resources Discussed in “Improving the Accessibility Game Plan” Presentation

In today’s webinar, I mentioned a number of resources on the web having to do with the Accessibility Game Plan. I’ve listed all of those links here for easier access to those items. Materials Materials for this webinar have been archived by the ADA Online Learning website. You can download full transcript and materials on […]

Managing Web Accessibility Compliance in the Enterprise

In the 2nd week of March, 2011 I spoke at The 26th Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference, more affectionately known as “CSUN”. ┬áThe topic of my presentation was Managing Web Accessibility Compliance in the Enterprise. My presentation discussed the following topics: Defining the problem Solving the Problem Gauging Organizational Maturity Managing Compliance […]