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Get your VPAT/ GPAT in a hurry

I get several emails per month from Government Contractors looking for help writing a VPAT or GPAT document. Chances are this is the result of good SEO on my blog post Why a Third Party Should Prepare Your VPAT/GPAT. Unfortunately a lot of these contacts follow this pattern: Hi Karl, I’m from XYZPDQ Corp. and […]

My testimony at the CSUN 2015 Access Board Hearing: Make Haste

My name is Karl Groves. I’ve been involved in Web Development, Usability, and Accessibility since the late 1990s. Living in the Washington DC area, and working in accessibility my professional career in this field has always involved Section 508. In 2006 I was excited to hear about the Refresh process. As a web developer, the […]

The Access Board’s Inability to Get Section 508 Refresh Finalized is Negligent and Counter to their Mission

I don’t know why. I don’t care why. What I do know is that the TEITAC Committee issued its final report to the US Access Board on April 2008, yet today (11/17/2011) , we see this: "debraruh: Tim Springer asks Tim Creagan when we can expect #Section 508 refresh to become law. Tim Creagan says […]

Get a Free Section 508 Waiver Here!

Download your Section 508 Waiver Download Your Free Section 508 Waiver Now! (PDF) OK, seriously now, where can you get a Section 508 Waiver? Information in the rest of this post is subject to change when the new revised Section 508 comes out sometime later this year or early next whenever the Access Board gets […]

Why a Third Party Should Prepare Your VPAT/GPAT

Introduction The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or VPAT, was created by the Information Technology Industry Council as a means for vendors to supply information to government agencies regarding the level of compliance with the Technical, Functional Performance, and Documentation & Support requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. This documentation format can help procuring […]