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Category Archives: Security

Eating My Own Dog Food: BotSmasher Web Service

A little over a year ago, I posted CAPTCHA-less Security in which I outline several methods of thwarting illegitimate users of websites using methods that don’t rely on CAPTCHA. As I mentioned then, CAPTCHA solutions are inaccessible and, ultimately, not as reliable as one might think. In practice, CAPTCHA systems do often work at thwarting […]

List of Resources: Breaking CAPTCHA

“For any technology with a percentage market penetration of X, protecting a benefit/resource with a relative worth of Y, and possessing a relative security strength of Z, the probability that said technology will eventually be compromised is X + Y.” Brian Huisman Below is a list of resources I dug up that illustrate that CAPTCHA […]

CAPTCHA-less Security

CAPTCHA is perceived as a quick and effective way to stop bots from performing abusive actions on a website. Bots are often deployed to do things like automatically enter spam into email forms or comment forms. They can also be used to submit fraudulent entries in other forms such as registration forms or to voting […]