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What an incredible start to today

This morning I’m sitting here in bed as I do virtually every morning: Working on one of many programming projects. Sometimes they’re “official” projects and sometimes just experiments. The big difference today is that I’m in San Jose, CA for Open Web Camp. About 45 minutes ago I spoke briefly with my wife. As I […]

Affirming the Consequent

Today I came across a post by Simon Harper titled Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools Only Produce a 60-70% Correctness which is essentially a response to my earlier critique of a seriously flawed academic paper. I submitted a response on Simon’s site, but I want to copy it here for my regular readers. One thing that […]

Looking forward to CSUN 2014

I’m currently wrapping up the rest of my work for the week and getting ready for the annual pilgrimage to San Diego for the annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, otherwise known as “CSUN”. Unlike previous years, I have relatively few presentations. I’m glad about that, really, because it means I can spend […]

DIY Post: Replacing Portion of Wood Floors

Jennifer Groves and I purchased our house about 7 years ago. Most of the rooms in the house had carpet in them, though two bedrooms had exposed wood floors. Due to the age of the house we figured that if some of the rooms in the house had wood floor it was likely that all […]

A11yBuzz Needs You

Just a tad under 2 years ago, I posted about the idea of an Accessibility Body of Knowledge. Five months later, the first version of was born – not as a replacement for a cohesive Body of Knowledge, but rather as a resource for collecting accessibility resources. Since then, admittedly, I’ve had little time […]

Yes, actually, it may be you one day

I could fill a book with transcripts of frustrating conversations I’ve had with executives, project managers, and developers who – to put it politely – exhibited an amazing mastery of stopping a constructive conversation in its tracks by offering up excuse after excuse about why they couldn’t buy or develop an accessible ICT product or […]

Important Note: Join A11yBuzz Mailing List to Discuss Accessibility Body of Knowledge

A mailing list has been set up to discuss the possibility of creating an Accessibility Body of Knowledge. Those interested in the list should go to the A11yBOIK Info Page. Once subscribed, you can get access to the list archives. Most notably I’d like to bring attention to the following message I just posted: I’d […]

So many to thank for a great time at CSUN 2012

On the plane home and can’t stop thinking about what a great time I had this year at the CSUN conference. Giving thanks to those who were generous enough to spend time with me would be far too long for a 140 character tweet, or even a series of tweets. In no particular order: Mike […]

Testimony Provided before Maryland State Senate, House, 2/15/2012

On February 15, 2012 I provided my testimony before the Maryland State Senate and House of Delegates in support of two bills: Senate Bill 287 and House Bill 183 (both links are PDF documents). The below is the testimony I submitted: My name is Karl Groves. I made my first website nearly a decade-and-a-half ago […]

The Biggest Online Lessons of 2011

Pull your head out of your ass before teh Internets do it for you. That’s the biggest online lesson to learn in 2011. The year 2011 will go down in history as the year it became most obvious that mishandling social media can totally wreck you. A lot of companies think of social media as […]