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Category Archives: usability

The form field validation trick they don’t want you to know

Yes, that was a purposefully click-bait headline. One of the most frustrating things for users is unclear or unintuitive form constraints. My personal pet peeve are phone number, credit card, or SSN/ EIN fields which ask for numeric-only entry. While it may very well be necessary that your field use only numeric data, you don’t […]

List of Resources: Breaking CAPTCHA

“For any technology with a percentage market penetration of X, protecting a benefit/resource with a relative worth of Y, and possessing a relative security strength of Z, the probability that said technology will eventually be compromised is X + Y.” Brian Huisman Below is a list of resources I dug up that illustrate that CAPTCHA […]

Agile and the Concept of One True User Story

In my career, I’ve been lucky enough to work for companies that did cool stuff. This goes for both my employer and my clients.  Nothing is so energizing as to work with really smart people who create really cool products. One that will always stick with me is the Nextel FanView. The FanView started as […]