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Category Archives: WAI-ARIA


Recently, I saw someone Tweet that “…ARIA should be last” when working to make a website accessible. As you learn in Logic 101, generalized statements are particularly false. Such a broad statement, though mostly correct at least in spirit, is wholly incorrect in certain situations. ARIA is clearly the right choice in cases where native […]

Custom UI Widget Accessibility Problems

In this 33 second video, I demonstrate the differences between a native UI element vs. a custom UI widget. In the video, I access a SELECT element containing country options. At the 16 second mark, I switch to a customized UI widget which allows the user to select from the same country options. While I […]

Confusion over HTML5 & WAI-ARIA

Recently, Everett Zufelt posted an excellent blog post titled: Are You Confused by HTML5 and WAI-ARIA Yet?. In his post, Everett outlines a number of areas in which the evolving HTML5 specification and the WAI-ARIA specification conflict with one another in ways which can cause confusion among web developers. This is especially problematic, in my […]

Accessible Form Labeling & Instructions

When I do an audit of a web-based system against WCAG, I subject each test unit to both automated & manual tests against nearly 250 Best Practices. Of those, 40 of them relate directly to forms. The #1 way which users interact with web-based systems is through the use of forms. Some sites, such as […]